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Bridal Makeup & Hairstyling

Throughout my career, I have had the privilege of transforming the bridal beauty of over 250 brides and their guests across diverse cultures and backgrounds. From luxurious venues to intimate elopements, and large ceremonies to small gatherings, I bring a wealth of experience and expertise to every setting. My journey as a professional makeup artist and hairstylist has been enriched by these unique opportunities, allowing me to create unforgettable looks that reflect each client's individual style and vision. I am dedicated to providing exceptional service and ensuring that every bride feels confident and beautiful on her special day. My commitment to excellence and passion for bridal beauty drive me to continuously refine and elevate my skills, making each wedding experience truly magical.

Fashion Shows

As a makeup artist, I enjoy working backstage at fashion shows because it gives me the opportunity to express my creativity and skills in a high-pressure environment. Backstage is fast-paced, requiring me to work quickly and efficiently while still producing high-quality looks that match the designer's vision. The atmosphere is always buzzing with models, designers, and other industry professionals, creating an exciting and dynamic energy that I find invigorating. 

Overall, working backstage at a fashion show challenges me and allows me to showcase my talent.

Milano Fashion Week 2023

Basel Night Charity Gala 2023

Zürich Film Festival 2023

Official Makeup Artist

Zürich Street Parade 2023

Official Makeup Artist

Miss Europe Continental 2023

Official Makeup Artist

Miss Univers Switzerland 2021

Official Makeup Artist

African Fashion Show - Zurich 2021

Basel Fashion Night 2021

Anashi Summer Fashion Show 2021

Transilvania Fashion Week 2019

Lead makeup artist for a team of 10 MUAs

Diskoteka Festival 2018

Key makeup artist

Worked with: Maxx, Thomas Anders, Ricchi e Poveri, Sandra, La Bouche, No Mercy, Boney M

UAD Gala 20

Fashion design university

Videoclips & Artists

As a skilled makeup artist, I find video shootings and collaborating with other artists to be incredibly rewarding. These projects provide me with the opportunity to showcase my expertise and creativity in a dynamic and fast-paced environment. Working on video sets requires me to be efficient, adaptable, and detail-oriented while still producing high-quality looks that match the director's vision. Additionally, video production often involves unique challenges, such as complex lighting setups or difficult filming locations, which test my problem-solving skills and I am always excited to contribute my skills to create stunning and engaging content.


Timebelle -

Willy Hobal -

Alejandor Apolo - Choco -

Malina Muresan

Valeria - Lost My Heart -

Maya Waked

Admiral C4C

Events & Collaborations

Anastasia Beverly Hills - Beauty Consultant & Brow Specialist 

Collaboration with Anastasia Beverly Hills Zürich 

Andrea Bocelli Concert Zürich 2023

Backstage Makeup Artist

Makeup Artist & Beauty Consultant Clinique

Launching tour Fiber Mascara Switzerland

Beauty Consultant - Dior

Makeup Artist - Graff

Haristyling Events - Dyson

Makeup Artist & Hairstyling - Chanel

Trainer & Speaker

#empowerMUA - Bridal Glam Workshop

Bridal Glam Workshop - #empowerMUA Community

Founder @ #empowerMUA Switzerland Community

Beauty Specialist Community Events

Owner & Trainer @ Andrea Palko Makeup Academy

Accredited Beginner and Advanced Makeup Courses

W7 Self Makeup Workshop

Basic self makeup Course with over 30 participants 


Trainer for Television Makeup Workshop

Television Makeup Guidelines & Workshop

NCN TV - Professional Television Makeup Advisor

Professional Television Makeup techniques and tips & trips

Founder - You Are The Beauty

A project focused on showcasing the beauty of people with various disabilities. I believe that everyone deserves to feel beautiful and confident in their own skin, and I am honored to be a part of a project that promotes this message.

Contributor @

Contributing beauty content for various occasions.


2nd place Alternative MUA Championship

Best Events Service Provider 1st edition Makeup Artist 2nd place


Best Student Award - Ama Lashes


Makeup C.A.M.P by Laura Perian - 2024

Cocktail and Makeup 

The Makeup Lovers - 2022


The Beauty Education Courses

Advanced Makeup & Hairstyling Courses

Helder Marucci 

Brazilian Makeup Trends, Goddess Wedding Look, Glam Sparkling Look, Men’s Makeup

Alexandra Turkoane

Fantasy Makeup, Advanced Makeup Techniques


Authentic Makeup Style

Theo Carias

Milan Fashion Week - Inspirational Makeup

Tania Maxim

Advanced Eyeliner Techniques

Danessa Myricks 

Skin Prep Secrets & Techniques

Makeup and Brows Maraton 1st Edition

The Ultimate Bride, Natural Brows, Mature Skin Makeup, Lifting Makeup

Makeup and Brows Maraton 2nd Edition

Hollywood Glam, Eyeliner & Red Lips, Microblading secrets, Sparkle Makeup, Goddess Glow

Makeup Beauty Business 

Glossy Smokey Eyes, Fashion Glam

Emilia Ungureanu

Combined Textures

Teleki Bridal Workshop

Natural Bridal Makeup

Lash Masters Conference

Victoria Schimbator Hairstyling

Advanced Curles, Bridal Hairstyle Trends

Crina Dodea Hairstyling

Hairstyling techniques that last

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